The Platte River is a major watershed in the heart of the Great Plains. The Platte waters crops and cattle, hosts resident and migrant wildlife, supplies thirsty cities, fuels power generators, and delights fishermen and boaters.

These are stories of our most precious resource: water

60+ time-lapse cameras throughout a Great Plains watershed.

This gallery displays our most beautiful images and time-lapses created from our cameras throughout Platte River Basin.

Live Cameras

These cameras show us a live stream of a bald eagle’s nest, a bridge, a prairie chicken lek, and a bird’s eye view of the Platte River.

We all live in a watershed, a region defined by water. This unifies us more than we may realize. This series, a collaboration between Platte Basin Timelapse and NET Radio’s Humanities Desk, looks closely at how water shapes our landscapes and lives on the Great Plains through the voices of people who live here.

Explore our educational multimedia story series featuring STEM-based curricula tied to standards along with engaging photographs, videos, infographics and interactive games.