Emma Brinley Buckley

A former graduate student in the Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit and a transplant from the east coast, Emma is fascinated with the communicative ability and integration of photography and science. Her research on the central Platte incorporates water-quality monitoring and call phenology of birds, frogs, and bats, engaged with PBT’s photos. She has fallen in love with the sunsets, wildlife, and thunderstorms of Nebraska.

Emma's Work

On August 21, 2017, the moon aligned between the earth and sun, casting a shadow that moved over the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, passing through Nebraska. Dubbed The Great American Eclipse, thousands of people flocked to the state to witness the once in a lifetime event. In addition to the thousands of […]

At first look, the Great Plain’s most striking characteristic is often the vast, open horizon that may invoke a sense of emptiness. While driving along I-80 through central Nebraska, it is easy to dismiss the surrounding land as monotonous – a lackluster flip-book of crop fields where each page is exactly the same. But hidden among the sea […]

As a graduate student at UNL, a lot of my time revolves around my research. My thesis comprises applications of time-lapse imagery to communicate ecosystem changes. My days consist of ogling PBT’s photographs, glaring at data (data acquired from either 1. pixel-analysis of the time-lapse images, or 2. collected concurrently alongside PBT’s cameras with recorders […]

For how closely I work with and love water, and how important it is in everyday life, I know very little about the laws and processes that govern water use. So of course, I Googled it. And what I learned was overwhelming.

A trip to the field became memorable when an orange buoy alerted me to a stolen instrument.

Often overlooked, the little organisms that live in water bodies, including the Platte River and its surrounding basin, have a huge impact on how the system functions.

Lake Agnes is the location for PBT’s highest elevation timelapse camera, an alpine lake nestled in the Never Summer Range of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is also the beginning of the Platte River’s story.

My first impression of Nebraska and an introduction to my research.