Grant Reiner

Grant is currently a graduate student at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Masters of Applied Science program with an emphasis in conservation photography and science communication. Growing up, he moved around a lot, exploring every new environment he encountered. His love for nature grew as a result of the numerous hiking, backpacking, and camping trips he went on with his family and friends. The connection to nature through these trips has influenced his direction in life and has led him to pursue a graduate degree and career in conservation photography.

Grant's Work

The idea for the scavenger project started when I saw a photo on Instagram of vultures feeding on a carcass. The image was distinctive because it was taken within the deteriorating carcass. At the time, I was attending WiLDSPEAK, a conservation photography symposium. The presenters’ passion for conservation and wildlife was inspiring, and that made […]

The Platte Basin is located in the heart of the United States of America, encompassing a broad diversity of landscapes and habitats. From the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado to the Great Plains of Nebraska, this watershed, waters cities, small farming communities, and provides habitat for wildlife. The Platte Basin is made up of five […]