Kylee Warren

Kylee has a lifelong interest in conservation, storytelling, travelling and birds. She began her multimedia career when she picked up a camera to film and photograph Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska, Oregon and New Mexico in 2009. In 2017, Kylee graduated from the University of Sydney with a PhD in Film and Digital Media, and her research explored the depiction of landscape and spectacle in post-9/11 fictional and documentary film. Kylee is fascinated with how the wilderness shaped a character’s greater purpose or survivability in movies and documentaries about violent conflict. She has published academic chapters based on her research, and gave talks on disaster landscapes for the American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand. As a mandatory component of her degree, Kylee produced a fictional narrative exploring these themes, and told the story of a young woman who happens upon the sandhill crane migration in a dystopian future. Today, Kylee currently assists organizations with marketing and public affairs strategies through her independently owned multimedia business.  Kylee also takes a keen history in Nebraska local history about Ash Hollow and the Battle of Bluewater.   When she’s not working with clients or photographing for assignment, Kylee enjoys rucking the high plains wilderness, and volunteering to support America’s veterans. 

Kylee's Work

 Blue Water – The Land of History and Cranes In 2017, I returned to Blue Water to help my mother and the rest of my family with Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial celebrations at Ash Hollow.  The Convergence of Cultures endeavored to bring cultural and historical interpretation to a famous location that was both sanctuary to the pioneers, […]