Michael Farrell

Currently Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and the co-founder of Platte Basin Timelapse. Michael is a forty-three year veteran in public broadcasting. Forty-one of those years have been spent in production and management in Nebraska and the Great Plains. Michael works tirelessly to share his years of accumulated wisdom and experience with the next generation of story-tellers and he has led the effort to establish an internship program at NET for students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s colleges of Journalism and Fine and Performing Arts (Film) and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Michael's Work

It is Spring 1975. It is just coming on dawn at Crow Dog’s place on the White River. I am trying to get some sleep after being up for the last two nights. I am laying on the frosty grass half tucked in under my Chevrolet Vega wrapped in a sleeping bag – but the […]

When Cheesman and Pathfinder were built, they were in the avant garde of dam design and construction. Although the construction of these two dams profoundly altered the basic nature of the Platte River, these two structures have made possible great things.

Water seeks to be at one with itself.

Just to the north of Lincoln, Neb., is a patch of undisturbed tallgrass prairie. Michael photographed how it changed during the course of one year.