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We are photographers and videographers, writers and designers, developers and technicians. We are storytellers.

PBT's Work

Lake McConaughy is nearly full. The giant reservoir on the North Platte River has been receiving lots of inflows from heavy snows and continued rainfall in the headwaters in Colorado and Wyoming.

PBT welcomes new staff members along with spring.

A community works to conserve wildlife habitat along the central Platte River in Nebraska.

Follow a snowflake from the Colorado Rockies through Wyoming dams and reservoirs to fields in the Nebraska panhandle.

We’re proud to introduce Ariana Brocious, PBT’s newest hire. Together the team will tell the stories of the various people, places and issues in the basin and bring its complex geography to life.

The PBT team travels to the high reaches of the Platte River watershed to collect footage and service cameras.

Gill moved to Lincoln, Nebraska from Israel when he was 14-years-old. Not only did he find the different toilets and impeccably green lawns unusual, but he noticed the topic of water was rarely on people’s minds, or even considered a priority.