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Lake McConaughy is nearly full. The giant reservoir on the North Platte River has been receiving lots of inflows from heavy snows and continued rainfall in the headwaters in Colorado and Wyoming.

Formed by the Kingsley Dam, Lake McConaughy is one of the largest reservoirs on the North Platte River. Built as a hydro-irrigation project for the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District (CNPPID), Lake McConaughy is 22 miles long and 4 miles wide and diverts water into the Supply Canal which is directed through several lakes, hydroelectric plants, and an irrigation system during irrigation season or back to the Platte River during non-irrigation season.

Currently, the reservoir is about 92 percent full, compared to 63 percent this time last year.

Check out the two photos below.  Lake levels look less dramatic than you might expect because the reservoir is so huge, but check out the shoreline and levels around the Morning Glory spillway (used to release water from the lake) to see the difference.

(Michael Farrell)

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