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It’s grand mountain valleys, and gusts of wind sweeping through streets past squinty-eyed businessmen.


It’s the anchoring drone of a cello and the tune of creaking trees.


Consciousness- it’s in the future and the past; the world of what-if and the realm of what’s-it-like.


The energy of them all flex, stretch, and spin together; in all seasons; in all conditions.


Nature and all the sights, sounds, and smells mean something different to everyone. The voices of trees, prairies, waters, wind…


The invisible realm of energy- unknown mischief, neglected unease, peaceful bliss-
taps into the emotions and feelings of humans


Walking through the woods, one can breathe the breath of the trees.
Perusing the plains, a mind can wander wide horizons.
Wading in waters, emotions can crash and dive; swell and sink.


Music as a form of expression can translate how the earth moves, how it looks, how it sounds, how it feels, and what it says.


What is it saying to you?

This project places musicians in the elements of nature and gives them freedom and space to translate whatever they are encompassed by into song. Each person performs an original piece inspired by the season and surroundings.

…to be continued as a series

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