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For this studio, I was asked to design a transit corridor in downtown Lincoln that minimizes reliance on the automobile while supporting sustainable modes of transportation. Operating within the belief that sustainable settlements must accommodate the needs of survival, purpose, ecology, and heritage the Platte Basin Parkway Project integrates these factors by connecting people to place. That place might be where they live or work, where they eat or exercise, or it could be where they connect with nature and history. This project goes deeper than the design of a transit corridor, it connects residents to the history of their water and the foundation of Nebraska’s ecosystems and societies. As the user moves across the site they are taken on a journey across our watershed, traveling from Colorado’s alpine lakes to Eastern Nebraska’s saline wetlands and tallgrass prairies. The story of our water is told through interactive landscapes, visible water infrastructure, and curated references to the educational journalism featured on the Platte Basin Timelapse website. Just by traveling one transit corridor in Lincoln, Nebraska the user can learn about our watershed, smart water management strategies, and they can experience the beauty of Nebraska’s native plant palettes. Not only does this project connect us to where we are going, but it connects us to our place, Nebraska.

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