Brian Seifferlein

Brian Seifferlein was a former producer for Platte Basin Timelapse. He is a producer, videographer and editor. He has spent his time documenting agriculture, land and water use with Harvest Public Media, producing 360-degree videos with the Emerging Media Department and shooting and editing historical and science-based documentaries. Brian has traveled to Antarctica several times, documenting research for NOVA: Secrets Beneath the Ice. In his free time, Brian loves biking in Lincoln, visiting nine-mile prairie and restoring his cold-water soul in his home state of Michigan.

Brian's Work

Where Nebraska was once covered by grassland, most of the land is now used for agriculture. The loss of prairie causes problems for native species and on marginal land it can create issues with erosion and water quality. Conservationists are working to rebuild parts of the prairie in the Midwest.