Carlee Koehler

Carlee Koehler was an intern with Platte Basin Timelapse for five years. Carlee grew up in the southeast region of Nebraska where she established a deep love for the natural world at quite an early age. After years of raising goats, ducks, horses, rabbits and exploring streams and hiking mountains with her family, she went to school to pursue science and communication. For all five years of undergrad, she worked with the PBT team to draw awareness to and educate people about the beauty of the Platte Basin and the importance of preserving it. She feels so lucky to have matured into a scientist, producer, and advocate alongside such an incredible group of people! Carlee graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the spring of 2020 with majors in fisheries and wildlife conservation biology and journalism, and minors in mathematics, biology and environmental studies. She has since moved upstream to Laramie, Wyoming where she continues to tell stories through photography and aims to begin graduate school in zoology and physiology next fall.

Carlee's Work


   The earth unthaws from the sun and everything wakes up at once.   New life, Renewed life, all ready to rise and stretch.   All eager to sing their songs and dance their dances.   Big deep yawns, and then action.   Music by Joshua Pace   This project places musicians in the elements […]

   Rolled into friends Or swept into angels   Revealing tracks of the prey And evidence of the hunters   Softening Or scolding   A walk through drifts A mug of sweet liquid comfort   Silence outside Weather warnings from a blue screen   Shivers Or coziness   Where does winter take you?     […]

   Nature. It’s grand mountain valleys, and gusts of wind sweeping through streets past squinty-eyed businessmen.   Music. It’s the anchoring drone of a cello and the tune of creaking trees.   Mind. Consciousness- it’s in the future and the past; the world of what-if and the realm of what’s-it-like.   The energy of them […]

In June, a small team of PBT interns set out for the highest point in the Platte Basin watershed. We had big intentions of catching 5-star media to fill in cracks for the Grays Peak scene in the upcoming PBT documentary featuring Mike and Pete’s 55-day, 1,300-mile journey across the watershed. Grays Peak is the highest point in the Platte Basin […]

A swath of freezing rain was coming to glaze the central United States in a sheet of ice. The storm even earned itself a name- Jupiter. Fresh produce was clearing the shelves of the grocery stores, residents kept the salt or kitty litter close at hand, tarps and towels were tied over windshields, and fuel […]

Mountain ranges demand our focus. Canyons tug at our gaze. Massive sunsets crowd our view. Fields of flowers catch our eye.   But what about the mountains of lichens on a twig? The canyon grooves set in bark? The gradient of color in a leaf? The fields of pollen drenching a lily?   Nearly every […]

The day started how one would expect when setting off for an exciting first day of outdoor field work. It was pouring. Skin-pelting water bombs and shoe-soaking waves,­ pouring. Mariah, Ethan and I loaded up our gear into the back of the truck, stared up at the sky, willing it to cease fire, then set […]