Cristina Woodworth

Cristina Woodworth was a Platte Basin Timelapse formally a Platte Basin Timelapse intern. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with degrees in Journalism and Environmental Studies. Her childhood passions of riding bikes, collecting rocks and watching sunsets have led to a deeper appreciation for the importance of protecting our planet’s fragile areas. Cristina is still an avid biker, rock climber and backpacker and hopes to use writing, photography and video to inspire more people to get outdoors.

Cristina's Work

This past summer I got to be a bum for 60 glorious days. I traipsed 11,107 miles around the western half of the United States and into northern Saskatchewan in my maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee, stopping whenever possible to backpack, mountain bike, rock climb, canoe and camp. It was a trip that had been in […]