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Dakota Altman

Producer & Instructor

Dakota is a producer with PBT and an instructor at the University of Nebraska. He is passionate about showcasing the beauty and diversity of nature in his "backyard" of Lincoln, Nebraska, through photography. Dakota earned a bachelor's degree in conservation biology and wildlife ecology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. In 2023, he received a Master's in Applied Science from UNL, using conservation storytelling to uplift the value of Nebraska's wetland ecosystems. Dakota is also an instructor at UNL. Dakota enjoys visiting local prairies, woodlands, and wetlands, spending time with friends and family outside, and cycling through Lincoln's vast trail network.

AUTHOR Stories

Urban Wetlands

Urban Wetlands

Urban Wetlands are an ecosystem often underappreciated yet they are connected to our everyday lives. Explore a story and film about the wetlands found in Nebraska’s Urban centers.

Film | Intriguing

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