Dave Showalter

Conservation photographer and author Dave Showalter is based in Colorado and focused on the American West. Dave has published two books - Sage Spirit, The American West at A Crossroads by Braided River (2015); and Prairie Thunder by Skyline Press (2007). Dave's photographs and articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Audubon, Conservation Biology, Outside, Outdoor Photographer, High Country News, Colorado Life and elsewhere. In partnership with Braided River, Dave's exhibit "Colorado: Sage Spirit and Roaring Rivers" was displayed at Denver International Airport 2018/2019 and viewed by over 2 million people. Dave is faculty with the Summit Series of Photo Workshops, a Senior Fellow Photographer in the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), a Platte Basin Timelapse contributor, and works in partnership with numerous conservation groups, including Audubon Rockies, The Nature Conservancy, The Wilderness Society, LightHawk, and Sierra Club of Wyoming.

Dave's Work

In September 2013, it began to rain in Colorado. And it didn’t stop. Northwest of Fort Collins, the North Fork of the Cache La Poudre River soon carried record amounts of water. In just a few days, flows leapt from three cubic feet per second (cfs) to more than 1000 cfs when the upstream dam could not hold any more water and began to spill over.

Sitting quietly just above the floodplain of a prairie stream spilling from the foothills, birds dash in and out of willow – yellow warbler, gray flycatcher, little brown jobs (unidentified little birds flitting by), a spotted towhee screeching over my shoulder, red-tailed hawk floating on winds aloft. I have a 500mm lens on my lap, […]