Elsie Stormberg

Elsie Stormberg is a reporter and photographer at the Wahoo Newspaper in Wahoo, Nebraska and was a storytelling intern with Platte Basin Timelapse. During her time at PBT, she created a collection of stories called Sharing Solace in which creatives from the Platte River Basin explain their experiences with nature during a pandemic. When at the paper, Stormberg also helps to cultivate intriguing images as well as report on the various events and serendipitous moments for three papers in the area, Waverly News, Ashland Gazette and, as I have already mentioned, Wahoo Newspaper. After her graduation in December 2020, she will continue with the Wahoo Newspapers while pursuing other storytelling experiences.

Elsie's Work

My backyard is a lot like my family.  It’s wild, chaotic and messy. While it’s beautiful, it’s simultaneously blunt, direct and ugly.  It’s honest. It’s temperamental.  It’s life. For years, it has overgrown with the grass taller than my knees. Vines and weeds crawl up the wooden planks that make up our “privacy fence.”  I […]