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Evan Barrientos | Evan Barrientos


Evan Barrientos is a contributor to our series, Voices of the Platte, and other Platte Basin Basin Timelapse stories. He is a photographer, videographer, and writer with a passion for inspiring others to appreciate and conserve nature through visual storytelling. He connected with PBT in 2015 while working for The Nature Conservancy of Nebraska. Evan is now the communications and marketing coordinator for Audubon Rockies, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he promotes programs related to river, grassland sagebrush, and backyard conservation.

AUTHOR Stories

Nature is an Essential Worker

Nature is an Essential Worker

When times get hard, it doesn’t retreat; it tirelessly heals and nurtures us. We should be revering it, protecting it, and creating more of it.

Personal Narrative | Introspective

A Prairie Journey

A Prairie Journey

An experience in high school with planting a prairie garden turned Evan into a lifelong steward of prairies.

Personal Narrative | Reflective

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