Evan Barrientos

Evan Barrientos is a contributor to our series, Voices of the Platte, and other Platte Basin Basin Timelapse stories. He is a photographer, videographer, and writer with a passion for inspiring others to appreciate and conserve nature through visual storytelling. He connected with PBT in 2015 while working for The Nature Conservancy of Nebraska. Evan is now the communications and marketing coordinator for Audubon Rockies, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he promotes programs related to river, grassland sagebrush, and backyard conservation.

Evan's Work

When I was in high school, my environmental science teacher had our class plant a prairie garden on campus. Inspired by the idea of ripping up sod and replacing it with the native plants that rightfully belonged there, I asked my parents if I could plant a prairie garden in our backyard. They said yes. […]

It’s a foggy October morning at The Nature Conservancy’s Platte River Prairies, located in south central Nebraska.  I’m struggling to keep up with Mike Schrad as he treks through tall, shirt-soaking grasses in search of the Sherman live traps he placed the night before. Schrad picks up the first four of these small, aluminum boxes […]

Back in March, I remember the feeling of the world spinning out of control. What initially seemed like a sensationalized hype was rapidly turning out to be a real and serious crisis. On the weekend of March 28, as news and conversation became nothing but COVID, I went cross country skiing high up northern Colorado’s […]