deer standing

Grant Reiner |

Producer & Cinematographer

Grant is a producer with PBT and has been part of PBT since 2017. Grant is a graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife and a Masters Degree of Applied Science with an emphasis in Science Communication. Grant is passionate about conservation of natural spaces by the blending of art and science. Learning is a life time process for Grant. His ever growing curiosity is what drives him to tell stories around a watershed with PBT. Outside of work, he enjoys gardening/landscaping with his wife and two dogs, exploring wild spaces, hunting, and fishing.

AUTHOR Stories

Riverine Wetlands

Riverine Wetlands

A behind-the-scenes look into the Wetlands of Nebraska project featuring riverine wetlands.
Discovery | Behind-the-Scenes

Low Intensity

Low Intensity

Learn about the benefits that low intensity fire has on the landscape of western Nebraska.

Short Film | Surprising

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