Kara Kielty-Connor

Kara was a former Production Intern for PBT. She graduated in May 2022 with a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Ecology option, and a minor in Art with a Photography concentration. Kara grew up in Omaha, Nebraska but lived across the country during her time serving in the Air Force as a Security Forces Police Officer. Wherever Kara ended up during her enlistment she would explore as many national/state parks and forests as she was able to. She has a passion for wildlife, the environment, and public lands which serve as places of sanctuary and revival for people and wild things. Kara wants to inspire others to appreciate and take care of this wonderful earth we inhabit.

Kara's Work

While working on my undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I lived in Omaha and commuted to Lincoln. Over time, I grew to admire the landscapes surrounding the cities. One of my favorite moments occurred when a rolling fog hovered just above the surface of the ground on each side of the interstate. The […]