Steve Den

Steve is a contributor to our series, Voices of the Platte, along with a long-time friend, and supporter of the project. Steve grew up in eastern Nebraska along the Missouri River. He attended Kansas State University, and upon graduation, flew over to Puerto Rico where he taught first grade. After two years on the island, he headed to the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains where he taught kindergarten, third, fifth, and sixth grades for thirty-one years at Putnam Elementary School in Fort Collins. Steve's retired and can usually be found out back of his cabin along the river.

Steve's Work

Coronavirus or Coronna virus…the real question is: is it racoon or raccoon? Elsie, thank you. “Let us now consider another component of recreation, which is more subtle and complex: the feeling of isolation in nature.” –Rand A little about Bear and I. Bear’s my roommate, best friend, a black toy poodle, and enters the boxing […]