High Water in the Capitol City

May 15, 2015

Here at the international headquarters of the Platte Basin Timelapse project in Lincoln, Nebraska, there are times when unplanned or unexpected things happen. When those unplanned or unexpected things are too good to resist we document them.

Take for example last Thursday (May 7, 2015). The Lincoln airport reported 6.65 inches of rain, which may not sound like much but because we’ve had a wet spring already the ground was thoroughly saturated. Water had nowhere to go but downstream and as one could imagine streets, parks, and basements all across town saw significant flooding.

Since things like that don’t happen every day, our team (commonly referred to as the youth brigade) got out of the office to document what was happening in our home watershed, Salt Creek, which eventually flows into the lower Platte River.

Thursday May 7th, 2015

Friday May 8th, 2015


PBT team photo. Summer 2023

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