Why do we care?

The chain of grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands that make up the Platte River Prairies is a complex ecosystem that supports a highly diverse community of plants and animals. To protect the fragile links in this chain, biologists and land managers from state and private institutions work in cooperation to manage the ecosystem for biological diversity. They accomplish this through land acquisition and restoration, prescribed burning and grazing, seed collection, long-term monitoring of plants and animals, and by working closely with communities, farmers, ranchers, and citizen scientists like you.

Want to become a wildlife biologist? Watch this video to find out more.

How Can You Help?

The Platte River is key to the survival of this prairie ecosystem. You can help by conserving the water that you use at home, donating or participating in a community conservation project, and volunteering to help clean up a stream. Another important way to help is by getting to know the Platte River prairie ecosystem by going for a hike or a photographic adventure along the river and through the prairie with family and friends so that you can help spread the word about its importance.


Exploring the Platte River Prairie

Explore The Nature Conservancy’s, Platte River Prairie. Visit the Nature Conservancy’s Derr House on South Platte River Drive in Wood River where they offer annual guided tours and special events.

Nature Conservancy Events


Take a self-guided hike on The Nature Conservancy’s Eastern Nebraska Platte River Preserve Native Prairie Nature Trail, located at 13650 South Platte River Drive, Wood River.

Native Prairie Nature Trail


Visit the Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center on South Alda Road in Wood River where you can see a herd of American bison and experience the Sandhill Crane migration by scheduling a guided tour.

Crane Trust


Hike or bike along the Prairie Plains Resource Institute’s Lincoln Creek Prairie and Trail in Aurora, which contains prairie and woodland habitats.

Prairie Plains



Nebraska has some institutions working to protect and manage the diverse Platte River Prairie ecosystem.


State Institutions:

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Nebraska’s Natural Resource Districts

The University of Nebraska

Private Institutions:

Audubon Nebraska

Crane Trust

The Nature Conservancy

Platte River Recovery Implementation Program

Prairie Plains Resource Institute

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