Find places to visit and things to do outdoors near Lincoln, NE. Check back as we expand to add more locations throughout the Platte Basin!

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Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities

Arnold Heights Park

City Park|Urban

Arnold Heights Park has a trail to follow to a serene view of Lincoln atop the infamous “Tanker Hill,” a perfect place for sledding. It also has benches available for picnicking. Enjoy the scenery on...

Bluestem Wildlife Management Area


Bluestem WMA is a sprawling 742 acres of land containing a large lake, beaches, trails, and woods managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Known for having catfish, largemouth bass, pike, walleye, and sunfish,...

Bobcat Prairie


Bobcat Prairie, part of the Prairie Corridor of Haines Branch, is a mixture of remnant and restored tallgrass prairie, woodlands, and wetlands owned by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District. As part of the...

Branched Oak


Welcome to the largest reservoir in eastern Nebraska, managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Branched Oak was built on the old village of Crounse, named after the eighth governor of Nebraska, and still...

Conestoga State Recreation Area


Conestoga State Recreation Area has a large lake with waterside trails and camping areas perfect for a weekend getaway. Try fishing, biking, or picnicking and nature-watching alongside the water. In recent years, the lake has...

Holmes Lake

City Park|Lake|Wetlands

With open waters and a winding path around Holmes Lake, hiking, walking, biking, and kayaking are all welcome here. This lake in the heart of Lincoln was originally built for flood control by the US...

Jack Sinn Wildlife Management Area


Jack Sinn is an area of land and water designated by the government for conservation– also known as a wildlife management area, or WMA. It is owned by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and...

Killdeer Wildlife Management Area


Killdeer WMA is an easy escape from the city. If you are looking to kayak, canoe, fish, or hunt, this forested lake is the perfect option. The name comes from the bird killdeer– a type...

Little Salt Fork Marsh


Little Salt Fork Marsh is the perfect place to visit Lincoln’s unique and rare saline wetlands. Saline wetlands are wetland and marsh-like environments with unusual salt levels from shale deposits dating back to when Nebraska...

Lower Platte River


Here, on the Lower Platte River, lies an access point for those hoping to kayak, paddleboard, canoe, or take a relaxing float down the river. Be on the lookout for least terns and piping plovers,...

Mahoney State Park

City Park|Woodlands

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park was first opened in 1991 after being acquired by the state in the mid-80s in recognition of State Senator Mahoney, who also served as Director of the Nebraska Game and...

Marsh Wren Saline Wetland


Previously a dog park, this saline wetland is a great spot close to Lincoln, offering hiking and plenty of wildlife viewing. You can expect to see abundant avian life, such as marsh wrens, doves, egrets,...

Mopac Trail

Trail Network|Woodlands

The MoPac trail is a great jogging and biking path for people of any skill level. For the especially dedicated, 22 miles of trail are available for you to explore! For those who like to...

Nine-Mile Prairie


Nine Mile Prairie is a 230-acre tallgrass prairie located 9 miles northwest of Lincoln’s city center. This grassland hosts hundreds of species of native plants and deer, birds, and pollinators visiting the prairie in the...

Oak Lake

City Park|Wetlands

Oak Lake city park and recreation area is the perfect place to view urban wildlife, enjoy a picnic, or go for a walk. The park was established in 1922. However, the Lancaster County dump was...

Olive Creek Wildlife Management Area


Olive Creek is the perfect place to spend a day outside. This wildlife management area is available for hiking, nature watching, fishing, and more. Various camping spots are available, and many sites have picnic tables...

Pioneers Park

City Park|Prairie|Woodlands

Pioneers Park has everything you’re looking for in a good outdoor getaway! Explore the hiking or biking trails, and check out all the wildlife–especially their well-known bison herd! The park’s nature center has a hub...

Prairie Pines


Come and explore 145 acres of woodland and prairie owned by the University of Nebraska Foundation. Established in 1959, Prairie Pines was the home of the first raptor recovery program in Nebraska and the first...

Spring Creek Prairie


With less than 2 percent of Nebraska’s original tallgrass prairie left, Spring Creek Prairie is more important than ever. Founded in 1998, it consists of 850 acres of tallgrass prairie–one of Nebraska’s most extensive areas...

Stagecoach State Rec Area

City Park|Lake|Woodlands

Visit one of the twenty Salt Valley lakes surrounding the Lincoln area. Serving as one of the many flood prevention reservoirs formed in the 60s, the Stagecoach State Rec Area is a 195-acre lake surrounded...

Tierra Park

City Park

Owned by the city of Lincoln, Tierra Park is a simple 123-acre community park with winding trails, open green spaces, and trees that provide shade in the summer. It offers fresh air and an excellent...

Wagon Train Wildlife Management Area

City Park|Lake|Woodlands

Wagon Train is the spot for those seeking a peaceful time away from the city. This wildlife management and recreation area is about 25 miles south of Lincoln, near the town of Hickman. It has...

Wilderness Park

City Park|Trail Network|Woodlands

Wilderness Park is Lincoln’s largest city park. 1,472 acres of dense woodlands sprinkled with prairie meadows and creek beds offer outdoor activities from hiking to cross-country skiing, horseback riding to fishing, and birding to nature...

Yankee Hill Wildlife Management Area


Yankee Hill Wildlife Management Area is a peaceful recreation area outside Lincoln. With 208 acres of lake and 5 miles of shoreline, this fun U-Shaped lake has plenty of shade along the shore from nearby...


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