Lower Platte River

Type of Area

River, Woodlands


Paddling, Birdwatching, Fishing

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About the Lower Platte River

Here, on the Lower Platte River, lies an access point for those hoping to kayak, paddleboard, canoe, or take a relaxing float down the river. Be on the lookout for least terns and piping plovers, as they love to nest and hang out on sandbars in the river. Piping plovers are a threatened species and rely on the shores of the Platte to breed, make nests, and forage for food. Pallid sturgeon, a critically endangered fish species, also uses the lower Platte to reproduce and live year-round. Deer and other native wildlife frequently visit the river to drink, so keep your eyes open! The North and South Platte Rivers start in Wyoming and Colorado and flow into Nebraska to converge and eventually join the Missouri River. Several access points are available to hop into or off the river, including one at Schramm Park and one at Louisville State Recreation area.

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