Tierra Park

Type of Area

City Park, Woodland


Group Sports, Disc Golf, Picnicking, Skateboarding, Biking, Birdwatching

Hours of Operation

5am-11pm Every Day

About Tierra Park

Owned by the city of Lincoln, Tierra Park is a simple 123-acre community park with winding trails, open green spaces, and trees that provide shade in the summer. It offers fresh air and an excellent opportunity to escape the urban bustle and explore the great outdoors while remaining in the city. The soccer field, skate park, disc golf area, and trail are open for activities, and there are also benches and a sheltered area for picnicking. One of the main trails, the 3-mile-long Tierra/Williamsburg Trail, started in the 90s and eventually expanded. It now connects to several other trails and recreation places, such as Yankee Hill and Pine Lake. Beal Slough also runs through the park as it makes its way through the center of Lincoln to converge with Salt Creek to the north. Plenty of ducks and geese can be seen along the trail, and you may even spot a deer or two drinking from the river’s edge.

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