Digitized borrow pits and river channels along the Platte River south of Kearney, NE, in 2016.

Growing up in Columbus in east-central Nebraska, I rarely ventured west through the Cornhusker State as a kid. However, that changed when I made the decision to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK), a two-hour drive southwest of my hometown. Living in Kearney provided a change in scenery from Columbus, as well as […]

On August 21, 2017, the moon aligned between the earth and sun, casting a shadow that moved over the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, passing through Nebraska. Dubbed The Great American Eclipse, thousands of people flocked to the state to witness the once in a lifetime event. In addition to the thousands of […]

While meeting with the Platte Basin Timelapse (PBT) team for the first time last fall, I realized the magnitude of their efforts to catalog the movement of water, temporal change in various habitats, and diverse organisms that reside in the Platte River Basin. Little did I know that this meeting would significantly affect my future […]

As a graduate student at UNL, a lot of my time revolves around my research. My thesis comprises applications of time-lapse imagery to communicate ecosystem changes. My days consist of ogling PBT’s photographs, glaring at data (data acquired from either 1. pixel-analysis of the time-lapse images, or 2. collected concurrently alongside PBT’s cameras with recorders […]

Last week I ventured out to the Central Platte with Mikes-squared (that’s both Mike Forsberg and Mike Farrell) and a film crew. What started out as a pretty normal 15 degree day ended with a peculiar appearance of an orange buoy, dancing in a field, and Forsberg sprawled out in a drainage pipe. To further […]

Like all good things, it began with a flowchart. Years ago, when we were starting the time-lapse project, we manually downloaded images at each camera site. It was sufficient. We got to see every image, got to visit each site, and tangibly worked with the project’s profit; we’d return from the field with handfuls of […]

On October 19, 2014, our team ventured to Seattle, Wash., for the annual Water for Food Global Conference. This year’s focus was “Harnessing the Data Revolution: Ensuring Water and Food Security from Field to Global Scales.” As interns with Platte Basin Timelapse, Mariah Lundgren and I were lucky enough to be invited on the trip […]

With one hand on the wheel, Michael Forsberg uses the other to absent-mindedly thumb through four empty memory cards on the center console. We’re driving up into the Nebraska Sandhills to change out cards at four of our time-lapse camera systems there, a trip he takes every three months or so. Though we’ve converted many […]

This week the PBT team is gathering footage and servicing timelapse camera systems in the farthest reaches of the Platte River Basin, high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We’re looking at snowmelt and runoff in the North Platte drainage at Jack Creek and Silver Creek……and at our highest camera at Lake Agnes just […]