When the world shuddered to a violent halt in March, a great silent blizzard was sweeping Laramie, Wyoming. Winter had always commanded us to shelter at home; this year, our snowfall felled flurries of worries. COVID was upon us. The virus was unraveling life’s delicate woven threads. My unconquerable Wyoming spirit decided to fight ripping […]

Coronavirus or Coronna virus…the real question is: is it racoon or raccoon? Elsie, thank you. “Let us now consider another component of recreation, which is more subtle and complex: the feeling of isolation in nature.” –Rand A little about Bear and I. Bear’s my roommate, best friend, a black toy poodle, and enters the boxing […]

I often describe myself as an “outside dog”. I spent my childhood exploring the woods and swamps near mine and my grandparents’ homes in South Carolina. Even at an early age, I found tranquility among the shadows of towering Cypress trees; community alone in the out-of-doors; exhilaration in the peacefulness of nature. As I moved […]

I set out into the wild, for the very first time in 2007 with nothing but a camera in hand. Back then, I didn’t know that I would be laying the track for what would become the greatest adventure of my life. In 2007 I had the privilege to travel to Haiti, a beautiful country […]

Have you ever built a blind? I hadn’t, before Covid. My dad is not a hunter, and therefore neither am I. My grandfather, however, was. I do not know why my dad did not pick that up from him. I never asked him, and my dad is not really much of a talker, so he […]

I take Peaches for a walk, “around the block” you used to call it: Up the road to the drive of the old house where the dairy was—both long gone now— to that high point where we sat for the eclipse totality, you in a pissy mood because the storm the night before drove a […]

My backyard is a lot like my family.  It’s wild, chaotic and messy. While it’s beautiful, it’s simultaneously blunt, direct and ugly.  It’s honest. It’s temperamental.  It’s life. For years, it has overgrown with the grass taller than my knees. Vines and weeds crawl up the wooden planks that make up our “privacy fence.”  I […]