Under the Wire

Mariah Lundgren

Pronghorn are endemic to North America and make their home in the high plains and vast sagebrush sea of the American West, and like many ungulate species, their survival relies on the ability to roam freely. They need to be able to migrate across large tracks of ground to avoid bad weather and find food. The North Platte River Valley along the Colorado-Wyoming border is rich with wildlife diversity held mostly in private ownership. The rangelands in this area stewarded by ranchers make ideal habitat for pronghorn and other wildlife species. However, the miles of fences used to keep cattle in pastures are often barriers to the pronghorn’s and other wildlife’s movements.

This is a story about a community of people working together to improve fencelines, so pronghorn and other wildlife can move more freely. It also celebrates the wildlife that call the North Platte River Valley home and the folks living and working on this land to help keep these animals around for generations to come.

A Platte Basin Timelapse Production

Director & Editor Mariah Lundgren

Cinematographer & Editor Grant Reiner 

Graphic Designer & Animator Sidney Parks

Photographer Michael Forsberg

Camera Trap Footage Michael Forsberg, Burk Knowlton, Benjy Duke, Haub School of ENR – University of Wyoming

Additional Cinematography by Mariah Lundgren, Ethan Freese, Michael Forsberg, Carlee Moates

Music Universal Production Music

Special Thanks
Gates Family Ranches
Mark & Suzi Dunning
Justin & Lissa Howe
Jordan Seitz & Encampment K–12 School Students
Drew Bennett



PBT team photo. Summer 2023

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